Bippity, Boppity, Boo, A Halloween Party For You

With Halloween coming up this Saturday, many of us will be indulging in festivities filled with fright. Trick or treating, candy eating, and spooky soirees. To make sure that your haunted house is the party of evening, we want to share some tips with you!

1.   Pick a Theme

Wait, isn’t “Halloween” the theme of the party? Make yours extra special by choosing a specific one. Perhaps “Dracula’s Castle”, “Hocus Pocus”, or “Attack of the Zombies”. By choosing a specific theme, your guests will become more engaged by your unison designs, and dress for the occasion. 

2.   Keep Your Theme Integrated

No matter what theme you end up choosing, try to keep that exact theme integrated throughout your entire party. That means your food, drinks, decor, and even invitations!

3.  Be Creative

When you are keeping the theme cohesive, it may become difficult to incorporate food and drinks. Everything that you are doing for your party, try to put your own spin on things, and get creative! If you choose a zombie theme try some Stuffed Mozzarella Bones with Blood Marinara  for your hungry living dead, or how about a Yoda Soda for your Star Wars theme? Have fun with it!

4.  Stock Up On Candy

While you are preparing, don’t forget about one of the most important parts; candy. Be prepared to let your party guests enjoy some, and still have enough for Trick or Treaters. 

With all of this planning to make sure your party goes off without a hitch, it is equally as important to have fun this Saturday night! Put the finishing touches to your costume, and get ready to party! At Perfect The Event we love a good social affair, see what we can help you with next!