Team Building for Conferences and Seminars

Team building exercises are not only beneficial in the office, but also at company conferences and seminars. With companies having offices across numerous locations, it is becoming more common for them to hold programs in different states over multiple days. When companies do this, a lot of their employees fly or drive in from all over. Most of these people have only emailed, spoke on the phone, or have never met each other, and yet they work for the same company. In order to have all of these new faces engaged throughout their stay, it is important to make sure they feel comfortable with one another, and keep the team spirit alive!

Holding team building exercises during a break, or after the program has concluded for the day, can allow your attendees to interact, motivate one another, and have fun. These exercises are best in the form of competitions and games. This way it positively forces individuals to work together while obtaining an end goal. 

Here are some exercises we recommend:

Build & Race Boats!

Have a pool at your program’s location? The team that is able to construct their boat the fastest and have it make it across the pool wins!


Game Show Day!

Have different sections of the space you have reserved turn into different game shows. One section can be “Jeopardy”, another “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire”. The options are endless, and each team can move in rotation to each section.


Teach Me To Draw!

Break all attendees into smaller groups. Have each group ask whom is the BEST artist out of them. Then the Judges of the competition will choose something for each group to draw. The best artist of the group will then help direct the rest of the group on “how-to draw” the selected object. Best picture wins!

Regardless of what you decide to have your attendees engage in, just remember that even though they may be competing, that they should have fun. At Perfect The Event, we have participated in and conducted numerous team building exercises. Contact us today to see what you can do to make your next program interactive!