Wedding Day Bridal Party

Choosing who is going to be in your bridal party can get a little tricky. You may ask yourself if you should ask your sibling, your fiancé’s sibling, that childhood friend you maybe talk to once a year, but who should you really be asking? Who is going to walk down that isle and stand by your side on the biggest day of your life!?

The real answer is, whoever you FEEL should! However, when having to make a decision between a few individuals, we want to help guide you into a final decision!

If you are contemplating between asking your brother or sister to be in your bridal party, or your fiancé’s sibling, just remember that family is family. Your family will always be there for you no matter what, and your fiancé’s family will now become yours! To some this might mean that asking them to be in your bridal party is important because you want them to be a part of your special day. For others this simply could mean that your siblings will understand, and maybe they can be a part of the wedding another way!

As for friends, sometimes that can be even harder to decide! When choosing which friends should be in your party,  look at the bigger picture, it may help you! Consider the size of your party, or how many people you can realistically have in your bridal party. Sometimes you may not be able to ask every single one of your really good friends. Set realistic expectations. Or maybe you have a male friend you want in your bridal party, as your “Man of Honor”. It is ok! Who cares if you mix up your party, as long as those are the people whom you are the closest to and will be for years to come. 

Who ever you choose to be a part of your special day, just remember that these memories will last a lifetime. The people you choose should also last for years to come, and be a part of your life. Do not feel obligated to ask somebody because they asked you, do what is best for your day and your purposes. Either way, they will be in attendance, and will be supportive. Making these kind of decisions can always be difficult, but at Perfect The Event we can assist you! Contact us to see how!