Four C's of Corporate Holiday Parties

It is finally upon us, DECEMBER! A month filled with holiday festivities, and a time to show your employees your appreciation! Many companies have probably already booked their holiday party venue at this point, and perhaps even sent out invitations to their employees. We would like to share with you our “Four C’s” in order to finalize your upcoming soiree! 

Capture the Memories

Making sure that your guests are able to take home with them or obtain photos from the night is crucial. Everyone always has a blast taking photos with their fellow work family or plus ones. There are many different forms of photo capturing that your company can partake in. Some of our favorites are photo booths with props, a photo op with backdrop, or a good old fashion photographer. Allowing your attendees to print out their photos on the spot, or obtain them through a web link, will let everyone cherish the moments.

Control the Flow

It is inevitable that alcohol will in some way be involved at your company holiday party. Controlling it properly can make or break the event. You want your attendees to enjoy themselves, but at the same time not become destructive. Perhaps giving each guest 2 complimentary drink tickets, or hosting the bar for a limited amount of time (with just beer or wine) could help monitor consumption. Regardless of this being a party, you want everyone to be safe, and still be appropriate. 

Create the Energy

Your holiday party should be lively! Having fantastic entertainment can turn the party up a notch. A skilled DJ, upbeat band, circus performers, a comedian, karaoke; the list goes on and on! Get everyone on their feet dancing, and maybe throw in a mid-dinner entertainer. Get the party started!

Compensate the Effort

When we say compensate, we don’t mean to necessarily pay everyone or give out bonuses (however, bonuses are awesome), what we do mean is acknowledge your piers. Make sure that each employee at least gets a little party favor, or perhaps give out awards to top performers. No matter what you decide to do, it is always nice to know that you have been appreciated for your hard work!

If you need any further assistance with your holiday party planning or day of, contact us today to ensure your event goes without a hitch!