Gift Registries, Down Payments, Honeymoons, OH MY!

With it being the Holiday season, and a time of gift giving, we found it appropriate to bring up gift registries. It is always lovely to receive physical gifts, but reality is you might need a little extra cash to help you out with a few things. However, it is still considered to be a “no no” to ask for cash as a wedding gift. Why not ask for a “crowd-funding” gift instead? From having guests contribute to your Honeymoon, or towards a downpayment on your new home, you can ask for a little extra financial help politely. 


This website allows your guests to contribute to the honeymoon of your dreams. Sometimes we simply cannot afford our dream honeymoon, or perhaps traveling is even your passion. Regardless of the reasoning, it is always nice to have a little extra help with planning and booking your honeymoon. After all, you are planning and booking a bunch of other pieces towards your big day!

Feather The Nest

Let’s say you are booking your own honeymoon, you are also paying for your wedding, and on top of that you have bills! That first home that you and your love one wanted to purchase is beyond your reach. But with this website you can actually have your guests help you obtain that home by contributing to your down payment as your wedding gift. How perfect!

There are plenty of other gifting registries that allow you to put together a wish list of items, and still have a cash option. Some of these sites consist of My Registry, Newly Wish, Zank You, and many others. Along with the entire planning process, Perfect The Event’s team can help you decide on what registry is most appropriate for you. Contact us today!