It’s The Most Wonderful Time to Get Engaged


Did you know as of last year, roughly 33% of engagements happened between November and January according to WeddingWire. The holiday season TIS THE SEASON for engagements! Between the magical lighting, bubbly for all, and family gatherings, it only makes complete sense to why this season tends to be the most popular for those to pop the question.

With engagements happening right now, it is a good time for both industry professionals and newly engaged couples to get prepared. Once the holiday season is over, there will be a lot of emotions running high, and bombardment of inquiries. From countless emails, unlimited googling, review reading, and bridal shows, make sure to stay on top of your game!

Industry Professionals

Have multiple calendars, update your website, tweak your email response methods, and organize your folders. You are going to need to be on top of everything once 2016 hits. The inquiries will be coming out of the woodwork, and you need to be prepared to answer each and every one. Treat each equally, put some effort into your responses (do NOT just copy and paste an email template), and actually listen to your potential client’s desires. Some of these couples reaching out will not have a clue what they need to do, so be an honest professional and help them. 

Engaged Couples

First of all, CONGRATULATIONS! Enjoy the fact that you just said “yes” to the love of your life, and take some time to celebrate with loved ones. With that being said, don’t take too long celebrating. Keep in mind that thousands of other couples are committing this time of year too, and come the new year they are going to be looking for venues just like you. We suggest getting a head start and compiling a list of vendors needed, dates you like, and a very rough estimate on a guest count. Having this outline will already put you ahead of the majority. 

We also suggest doing some research on what food, vendors, venues, and items cost before really determining a budget. You should have a budget range in mind, but until you really see what pricing is like, it is good to have an open mind. You might be a little surprised, depending on the area you are looking in, what a wedding can cost.

Do yourself a favor and go to a few bridal shows! They are pretty cheap to attend, and you will literally meet hundreds of vendors at once. Or to by-pass all of this, you could just hire a wedding planner! Contact us today to make your planning stress-free, and fun!