Chilly Nights Call for Warm Parties

It is officially winter. December; prime time for chilly days and cold nights. Also the month that ignites gatherings for all. Holiday parties for your friends, family, work associates, everyone gets together.

With all of these gatherings, it is polite to be mindful of your guests. Cause boy it is cold outside, and your guests don’t want to freeze coming or leaving your soiree. We would like to offer some friendly tips that will keep your guests warm and happy at your winter wonderland!

Tip #1

If you do not have enough parking on premise, or not enough parking close by, splurge a little and get valet. Nobody wants to walk in the freezing cold, and it also puts a very sophisticated touch to your festive evening. Trust us when we say your guests will be thanking you! 

Tip #2

Maybe you get valet, or maybe you don’t, either way your guests will most likely arrive in their winter gear. If you are hosting a holiday party at your home, make sure there is enough space for everyone to leave their jackets in a designated area. If you are hosting outside of your home, make sure that you or the venue you have booked has coat check. This way nobody will feel awkward about throwing their jacket on the back of a chair, or worry about where to place it. 

Tip #3

HEATERS! We don’t care if you are hosting an evening party in South Florida, get heaters for outside!

Tip #4

Serve hot food and drinks upon arrival. Having warm options for your guests to consume will warm them up instantly!

Everyone here at Perfect The Event wants you to have a beautiful holiday season! We want both you and your guests to have a glorious evening, and to talk about your soiree for the rest of the month. By keeping your guests well-being in mind, you can be sure to do just that. Contact us today for assistance!