Shine Bright Like a Diamond


In order to ensure that your beautiful diamond (or any gemstone ring) does not extract natural oils from your skin, you should always pick it up by the band. By not picking it up by the stone it will even help it settle into the band setting overtime. Just keep in mind if you happen to take it off for any reason, like playing a sport or cleaning with harsh chemicals, to put it in a safe storage place!


Let’s say you did not put your ring in a safe place, and accidentally you lost it, or maybe somebody even took it! Purchasing insurance can help protect your investment, even from any damages that occur. 


It is always recommended to bring your ring to the jeweler for a proper cleaning. However, if you wish to give it a little touch up yourself, do it gently and thoroughly. You can use a mild detergent (no bleach additive) with warm water to create a soapy bath for your ring. Let it soak, and then take a tooth brush (gently brush) to get in all the crevasses. 


A lot of chemicals and household products can be very dangerous for your ring, which is why we stress the mild detergent when cleaning. Some of these products to keep your ring away from include hairspray, bleach, lotion, perfume, and other products. 


On-top of you caring for your precious new addition, you should take it for “check-ups” with an expert. It is possible that the setting may loosen over time, and that the prongs holding the stone do not become damaged. Once a year will suffice. 

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