Venue Coordinator Vs. Hiring a Planner

We have heard it all before or maybe even said it ourselves, “Oh, I don’t need a planner, my venue comes with one”. But do they really plan your big day?! 90% of wedding venues come with their own sales staff and venue coordinator. However, there is a very big difference between your on-site coordinator (the one from the venue) and your off-site coordinator (the one you hired). 

On-Site Coordinator 

  • Focuses on Venue only
  • No budget management
  • Has numerous weddings a year
  • High turn-over rate 
  • Only available during business hours
  • Not necessarily your “day-of”, might have another coordinator there
  • Does not set up any DIY or items you personally bring in
  • Typically does not do a ceremony rehearsal
  • Oversees Venue operations the “day-of”


Off-Site Coordinator 

  • Focuses on ALL elements of the planning process
  • Budget management
  • Has X amount of weddings per year so each is given the appropriate attention it deserves 
  • Low turn-over rate
  • Available at any time
  • Will be there for your “day-of”
  • Sets up any DIY or items you personally bring in
  • Ceremony rehearsal
  • Oversees ALL operations the “day-of”
  • Builds relationships with all vendors booked to ensure the “day-of” goes smoothly
  • Can book deals with vendors on their list
  • Family mediating 
  • Guides you to your overall vision
  • Helps make design decisions
  • Sends personal checklists 
  • Distributes any payments due the “day-of”
  • Is on your team from day 1, and may even become a good friend

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