How to Conquer the Bridal Show

With ringing in the New Year comes plenty of new engagements, and Bridal Shows popping out of the woodwork! Recently we attended a Bridal Show located at the Anaheim Convention center that helped kick off 2016. From our past experiences (including our most recent one), we wanted to share with you some advice for both vendors and couples attending shows.


The number one rule for a Bridal Show is to HAVE FUN! You will 100% get bombarded by industry professionals trying to speak with you, and you will be walking through rows and rows of booths amongst crowds. Just remember that these shows were created to help you, not torture you. To help you not feel as overwhelmed we recommend that you come prepared. Try doing the following:

  1. Print out sticky labels that have your information already on them. That way when you enter a raffle or want to fill out a questionnaire for a vendor you can just peel and stick.
  2. Create a list of what vendors you absolutely need and want to talk to. This will save you time walking through the aisles. Shows usually post on their website a list of the vendors attending, so do not be afraid to do your homework.
  3. Pick a wedding date(s), or time of the year you want to get married.
  4. Have a budget range in mind for your overall wedding cost. Every single vendor will ask you what is your budget because they want to make sure they can fit within it.
  5. Don’t go alone! Bring a family member, a friend, or even your other half. 
  6. Do not waste your time or anybody else’s. If you know you do not need that vendor, just thank them and keep walking. 


Most likely plenty of vendors have done Bridal Shows before, however, if you have not then here is some advice: 

  1. There will 100% be other vendors participating in the same field as you. Find out who they are and what can you do to stand out from them.
  2. In general you want to stand out, not just from those in the same field. Try to do a little something creative with your space that makes those walking by say “WOW”, or perhaps give out a little something for them to take.
  3. Get help! Get help with bringing in your supplies, tearing down, and during the show. There will be points that you will be surrounded by a ton of couples and you want to make sure at least somebody greets them. Also, the faster you can set up and break down is always a plus!
  4. Do a raffle or at least have something that will entice couples to give you their information. Warm leads are better than cold leads.
  5. Stay in your booth, or make sure somebody does at all times. It is ok to go take a lunch break, but maybe alternate timing between you and your assistant. 

Bridal Shows can be an excellent way to meet the vendor of your dreams, or for even vendors to network. If there is one in your area, we highly suggest you attend one! It is quite the experience and you should at least try it once. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have, or check out the next show we are attending!