Capture the Memories with Videography

We get asked many times if having a professional videographer is worth it in the long run. Our answer is if you are contemplating having cinema at your wedding then do it! If you are contemplating about doing a more DIY version or going the cheaper route, don't, and hire a professional. 

If your budget does not allow you to go "all out" for a videographer, then we recommend at least booking a highlight film. A highlight film is basically your entire day wrapped into a cinematic 4-6 minute video. Grabbing key points, and still gives you all the feels.

Couples who end up opting for video normally do not regret their decision when they hired the right professional. Telling your story all over again is truly a magical thing to watch. 

Here is a feature film from one of our favorite videographers and one of our favorite weddings we did at Terranea Resort. Enjoy!!!