Sweetheart Table Design

When contemplating on how to jazz up your Sweetheart Table, we think it is important to make sure your table stands out, but also showcases you. Try to incorporate some floral that compliments the other centerpieces onto your Sweetheart Table, but with a different design. This design should be low, so that your guests can still see you.

Feel free to incorporate some small votives, but not too many of them. Perhaps 3-4 would suffice. Now that there are flowers and votives on the table, plus 2 place settings, call it a day. There should be just enough going on without having to clutter your table. 

If you feel that there is something missing, then try using a linen that pops! Sequins, patterns, rosettes, a linen that stands out from the rest and really attracts the eye. Your seating can also be different from everyone else’s. Throne chairs, a love seat, whatever you prefer!

There are truly so many ways to showcase your love at a Sweetheart Table, and we can’t wait to help you design it! Contact us today for a complimentary consultation! We would be honored to be a part of your special day!