Happily Ever After

Love is in the air! You are planning your big day and it is almost time to say “I Do”. What happens after all of the frills of the big day are over though? You are making a vow for life after all, so how do you keep the spark ignited? Forever is a long time!

Here are some fun suggestions to keep the romance alive!

Learn your other half’s Love Language

Love language is broken down into how individuals give and receive love. Some of us give or show our love for another by giving them gifts. Others like to receive love with words of affirmation. Everyone is different, and learning how your spouse may like to receive love can truly assist you in showing them the proper affection they crave.

Start Dating

Maybe you have a date night once a week, or a special day of the month for you two to go out on a date. No matter the situation, make some time to enjoy each others' company. Go to dinner, a movie, have a picnic, try salsa dancing classes, do something that will entice the memory bank!

Communication Communication Communication

We aren’t just talking about being open and honest with one another, we literally mean communicate! Is your spouse having a long day at work? No problem, just text your love a cute message and you will turn their day upside down! Flirting with each other can really spice it up too! Of course we also suggest being open and honest in order to keep the bond strong. 

There are many ways you can keep the love for one another stronger than ever for years to come. We wish nothing but the best to all of the couples out there getting married. A life full of love and happiness!