Save that Cake

Incredibly a wedding cake can be one of the most expensive items for your big day. Not everyone can necessarily afford a five-tier cake with an elaborate design. For those who still want their cake to be a focal point at their reception, while “wowing” guests, then we suggest trying one of our two cost effective methods.

The Fake Cake

Is the five-tiered cake not in your overall budget? Still want one? Well you can have it! Try having a fake cake at your reception. An experienced baker can create a multi-tiered styrofoam cake, and one layer will be real. That way you can still have the cake cutting tradition, and the entire cake will be completely done with the design you desire. Guests will have no idea the cake is fake, and it should save you quite a few bucks.

Small but Mighty 

Two-tiered cakes are starting to be extremely trendy. You do not always have to have a large cake in order to wow your guests. A smaller, but extravagantly executed cake can do just the trick! Use vibrant colors, and intricate designs. Your guests will be equally impressed!

With both options we highly recommend ordering a sheet cake. You can easily break up a sheet cake into multiple flavors, and your guests will not have to peel off any fondant. Easy, fresh, and cost effective! If you do not want to serve cake, feel free to change it up with a dessert bar. That way your guests can help themselves to whatever they want for dessert, or maybe offer something that is a little out of the box. 

We can assist you throughout the entire planning process, and even with suggestions like these. Contact us, so you can have your dream come to life!