Dreaming of Destinations: HoneyMoons

As winter is officially in full effect for most, it has us dreaming about stunning Honeymoon destinations! We have compiled a list of some of the most popular locations. Our top 5:

The Maldives


Consisting of hundreds of islands in the Indian Ocean, there is something absolutely magical about the crystal clear waters of The Maldives. Whether you prefer dining underwater, walking the beach, or relaxing on your deck in the middle of the ocean; The Maldives is truly luxurious. For travel tips regarding The Maldives click here.



One of the Cyclades islands of Greece located in the Aegean Sea. Rich culture, jaw-dropping architecture, and all types of sites to see. Santorini has become a hot spot for couples! For travel tips regarding Santorini click here


Authenticity, art, and stunning natural sites! Bali is perfect for the couple who has a little sense of adventure and wants to absorb perhaps a new culture. Bali is home to roughly 4.2 million people, and is one of the most populated Indonesian islands. For more travel tips click here.


As the capital of France it comes to no surprise that Paris is full of culture! Not to mention this city is referred to as “the city of love”. If a romantic get away is what you are looking for while indulging in food and fashion, then sign up for Paris! For more travel tips click here

Bora Bora

Located in French Polynesia, this island is just what a laid back couple has pictured. Luxury resorts, surrounded by crystal blue waters, and a cold beverage in hand. For those who want to work on their tan while enjoying the sounds of the ocean, Bora Bora is for you! For more travel tips click here

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