Late Night Snack Attack

Picture this, it is around ten o’clock and the party is in full swing. Guests are tearing up the dance floor, and clinking drinks. The party doesn’t end until eleven, and some individuals are starting to work up an appetite. No worries though, you are prepared!

Late night snacks are a huge hit amongst guests. They have been celebrating, and it never hurts to give them a little something before they call it a night. We suggest having something that is fun and less traditional for a late night snack. Here are a few suggestions:

Food Truck

Book one of your favorite food trucks to pull up and dish out some amazing bites! Guests can pay on their own, or most food trucks even have hosted options with limited menus.

All-American Favorites

Sliders, hot dogs, pizza, pretzels, french fry bar, anything that screams greasy and carbs are always a win late at night!

Fun & Quirky

Freshly popped popcorn, ice cream sundae bar, or even made to order cotton candy! This option is a little on the lighter side, but still a lot of fun for your guests!

Round 2

So, maybe forget about the idea of a snack. Why not serve dinner all over again with some stations or a small buffet? This is actually a tradition in most European cultures. 

We can help you determine the best fit for you and your guests! Contact us today for a complimentary consultation. We look forward to hearing from you!