Flavorful Favors

Favors are not necessarily a “must do” anymore. It is a fad that is slowly going out of style due to guests not taking home their favors, or just throwing them in a draw. Sadly this is a little similar to how cake is slowly less and less being seen served, and being replaced by dessert bars. What if you could combine these two traditions and keep them alive? Doesn’t that sound like a win win?! 

Keep your cake cutting tradition followed by a display of assorted desserts amongst your desired dessert bar. This way guests are able to help themselves to what they enjoy. Then we suggest serving your cake as the favor. Make your cake in cute displays for your guests to take home and enjoy later that night or the next day. 

You can easily send slices or mini versions of your cake home in mason jars, decorative boxes, or even cake pops to go. This way each guest gets some of your lovely cake, and has a favor. If your venue allows you to bring in your own favors then consider making them yourself, or if you cannot due to venue restrictions just have your baker create them.

Here is a fun video on how to make cake in a jar:

For more suggestions on which favor to supply to your guests, contact us today for a complimentary consultation. We look forward to hearing about your very special day!