Five Toasts at Most

A lot of the time we get questions in regards to toasts. Who should give a toast? How long should a toast be? When are toasts given? Do we need to have a champagne toast? These are all incredible questions, and we wanted to answer them for all the couples out there that have been wondering! 

Who Should Give a Toast?

Now first, there is necessarily no right or wrong answer to this question. However, we feel it is most appropriate for at least the Best Man/Best Woman and Maid of Honor/Man of Honor to each give a toast. It is then the couple’s call to give a toast themselves, or maybe have an immediate family member give one. We also highly recommend making sure you limit your toasts from 2-5 max. 

How Long Should Each Toast be?

If you stick to our rule of thumb for a total for 2-5 toasts, then we recommend each being a maximum of 2 minutes long. This means with 2 toasts perhaps 4-5 minutes total, and with 5 a maximum of 10 minutes total. Trust us when we say 2 minutes is a LONG time to talk! We are more than positive your toast givers may even have difficulty hitting this length of time.

When are Toasts Given?

There is also no right or wrong answer for this question, after all, it is YOUR wedding! You can choose when you think is the most appropriate whenever you please! If you are struggling to decide when, then we suggest during dinner or right before dinner service begins. That way everyone is in the room and seated. If you do toasts during dinner, then it can almost act as a form of entertainment. If you have the maximum of 5 toasts, we would suggest splitting them up. Perhaps 2 before dinner service, 2 during, and 1 (preferably from the wedded couple) at the conclusion of dinner. Your choice!

Do We Need a Champagne Toast?

Simple answer here, no you do not. Sometimes a Champagne Toast can be a waste of money. Not everyone prefers or drinks champagne. You can easily have your own glasses of champagne to toast with while everyone else has their drink of choice. 

Contact us today for a complimentary consultation to discuss all the details of your special day! We would be happy to answer any questions you may have in regards to etiquette while getting to know each other!