What's the Deal with Vendor Meals?

A simple question for everyone reading, do you get a break to eat your lunch or dinner when you are working your shift? Your vendors should too. Some of us are on-site for 8-12 hours at a time. Constantly running around, being on our feet, and barely getting time for even a sip of water. 

With that being said, you should plan accordingly with your catering budget for any additional fees towards vendor meals. Also, all vendors whom need meals should be accounted for as you sign each vendor contract. This way there are no surprises later on. Sometimes your Coordinator will not request a vendor meal, as we are constantly on the go, even during dinner. 

Being such a gracious client by providing meals to your vendors, only means that your vendors should show you the same respect. Vendors should not eat amongst your guests. They are not guests, they are employees. Vendors are working during your big day, and should feel fortunate enough that they get to eat. As long as their is a hot meal and a table to eat, that should be more than enough. Usually the venue will supply a designated space or “vendor meal room” for your vendors to enjoy their meals.

Vendors do not request meals to hurt your budget, they ask for one so they simply do not pass out. There is a lot of mental and physical work that goes into the big day, so staying fueled is important. At Perfect The Event we can help you determine who some of your vendor meals should be going to, and who might not necessarily need them. Contact us today so we can go over all the details of your beautiful wedding!