Floral Fashion

Who said having just flowers in your bouquet is the only way to walk with floral design down the aisle? Brides are turning to fashion when it comes to adding a little something extra to their floral design. We are starting to see brides actually wear their flowers! Check out some of these fun design ideas!

Flower Necklace

Forget about leaving your flowers at your Sweet Heart table after the ceremony. How about wearing them around your neck the entire evening? Creating something fun, whimsical, and elegant to jazz up your gown. Nobody said you had to wear actual jewelry, and if you are a flower lover, then this is perfect for you!


Flower Crown

The Flower Crown is pretty much a classic to bridal fashion. Adding a flower crown to your wardrobe will essentially eliminate the veil or other bridal hairpieces, but boy does it make a statement! We fell in love with this flower crown, and have seen so many other styles! You truly can create one that fits your personality, and mimics your bouquet!

Image Credit: https://www.etsy.com/search?q=flower+crown

Flower Strap

Now, we know real flowers cannot truly hold up your dress, but the illusion that they are is absolutely stunning! A one shoulder, real floral, strap can make one wild statement piece. If you are worried about it getting in your way during the reception, simply remove it. Such a unique creation!

Fusing flowers with fashion is nothing but a win win! There are so many different ways to incorporate unique floral design into your wardrobe without over killing your look. We love seeing what brides will do next when they let their imagination run wild! Let you imagination fly sky high with us, and contact us today for a complimentary consultation!