Bridal Gown Fashion Trends 2017

Fashion has always been a factor in the wedding planning process, especially when it comes to selecting the perfect gown! Spring 2017 is all about bringing back some classics, and adding some new flavor to the mix! We want to share with you what is being predicted as Spring 2017 fashion trends for Bridal Gowns!


Hello to bows! They are BACK and better and bigger than ever! Bows are being incorporated in many unique ways. Whether they act almost as shawls, capes, or just create a dramatic front to a skirt. Bows are definitely finding their way back into the bridal gown world!

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Pantone Colors

Haley Paige definitely kicked off the party predictions right! Welcome in the non-white wedding dress. Pantone colors are tickling us all shades of colors, and we are loving how whimsical they look as full bridal couture! 

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Plunging Necklines

Trying to stay classy but add a little sexy to your look too? A dramatic gown with a plunging neckline might be the right balance to get both looks. Try a ball gown, or silhouette shape with sleeves, then add the plunging neckline and BOOM! Sophisticated and sexy.

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No matter what peaks your interest, we want you to feel absolutely stunning on your big day!!