Pricing for Wedding Vendors In Southern California

It is that time of the year! Recently engaged are just beginning their wedding planning, and the first question that always comes to mind is, “how much does this cost?” We are more than sure you have tried to do some research on the internet that will show you the “average” cost for a wedding in California. We literally have not come across one ourselves that is even close to accurate, so we are here to save the day! 

Now, you can absolutely find vendors for less or for more than the ranges we are going to give you, however, we have learned these tend to be the AVERAGE.

Averages for Wedding Vendors


$1,200 - $2,000

Most DJs base their services off a 4-hour time frame. The price ranges above could just be for the 4 hours, or the entire ceremony through reception. Some DJs might even throw in some dance lights at the higher end of the price point.

Band (5 Piece)

$4,500 - $10,000

Same concept as the DJ, most bands base their pricing off of a 4-hour time frame. Additional hours come with an additional cost and also depending on how many members you want for those additional hours. Keep in mind bands need to take breaks, so hiring a DJ with a band is advised.


Florists can literally range from $1,200 - $120,000 depending on the scope of the work. With that being said we have found most florists’ have a minimum spend, and those with proper floral quality will have minimum ranges from $3,000 - $5,000.


We have a few “rules” when it comes to hiring a photographer. 

  1. Make sure they ALWAYS include a 2nd shooter (not assistant)
  2. Minimum of 8 hours of service
  3. Always always always ask about their back up equipment

Photographers with the above criteria will range on average from $3,500 - $4,500.


For cinema, the same “rules” apply and actually so does the same average price range as a photographer.


Cake is typically based off a per person price. Average starting price per person ranges from $3.75 - $5.50. Depending on the extent of the design.

Catering + Bar Services

Whether it’s a plated meal, buffet, and some sort of hosted bar we find the average in Southern California after ++ (service charge and tax) to be around $125-$175 per person. Keep in mind waterfront resorts and other 5 Star properties will most likely begin at $200pp. 

We want to help make the wedding of your dreams come to life! And that isn’t possible without some budget management assistance! Contact us today to see how we can help!