It's All In The Wedding Details


This week I have been rocking n rolling with creating design boards for some of our amazing clients! With making so many different wedding visions come to life, you truly understand the method behind the madness of executing a dream day. In order to fully complete a look it is extremely important to pay attention to even the smaller details.

What do I consider smaller details? Escort cards, seating chart, invitations, favors (if applicable), table numbers, napkin folds/design, etc. Basically anything that can assist in the overall ambiance of your wedding day but at the same time is not a huge feature. Anything your guests will notice is important to consider.

If you are going to have a black tie affair then I recommend having your invitations make this extremely clear in both wording and design. Design wise it could be super sleek and sophisticated, or a little glam meets delicate with intricate folding elements. This way when you bring one of your invitations for your photographer to shoot it 100% ties into your overall theme and sets a tone in advance to your guests.

With table numbers and seating charts or escort cards I would recommend playing off your theme to tie into the ambiance as well. If you do not want to go overboard and keep everything simple just make sure at the very least to have the proper accent colors. Going a little bit more in depth would require thinking slightly outside the box with adding more elements, textures, or physical pieces. For example: A beach/ocean theme wedding would be appropriate to have sand dollars, sea glass, messages in a bottle with a tag hanging from them, or even a flip flop as an escort card.

I always look at each wedding I design as the perfect setting for your guests, an amplified version of the inspiration for the venue, and your love story unfolding.


Photo Credit: Mink Photography
Escort Card Stirrers: Happily Ever Etched