Film Photography

Picking a photographer is the second hardest vendor to choose besides your venue. We feel plenty of couples struggle with choosing whom is going to capture their big day, and do not understand a lot photography terms. For example distinguishing between a Film photography and a Digital photography. Both are completely common forms of capturing images but it’s helpful to learn different styles of photography in order to help you pick your own!

The biggest difference between the two are their sensors. With film cameras a film piece is placed behind the lens that is sensitive to light. When the shutter is open the light hits the film and an image is captured on the film itself. With digitals there is no film behind the lens but rather an electronic sensor that is made up of tiny sensors called pixels. Same idea when the light hits the pixels, each of them gather …we will call it “data” and together they create one image.

Film images captured cannot be looked at right away, since they are not digital and imprinted on a film piece there is nothing to look at for a sneak peek. All film rolls must be sent to a lab to be processed and this can take a little bit of time. Digital images can be viewed on the camera right after they are taken and can begin editing them on a computer as soon as your photographer is ready. 

Film scans also cost money for the photographer to process and to buy new rolls of film. Aside from not being able to “double check” you got the shot right after, the cost of the film is another reason why film photographers tend to have above average pricing. It takes some talent and can become costly. Most film photographers also have a digital camera so that way each client gets a little bit of both, and get sneak peeks in a timely manner.

Fine Art Photography is typically captured on Film. We personally find film photography to be a true art form and admire the style! One of our dear friends Alicia Mink of Mink Photography is hosting a mini fine art photography workshop that we have the pleasure of assisting with planning and designing it for attendees. We hope to see some familiar photographers there and meet some new ones as well!

Registration information may be found at our Eventbrite page or Mink Photography’s Workshop page.