California Wedding Weather

Photo Credit: Mink Photography

Photo Credit: Mink Photography

As a wedding planner in Orange County California you get pretty blessed with year round weather. Majority of weddings in Southern California are outdoors taking full advantage of what this beautiful state has to offer. However, once in a blue moon you still have to be prepared for weather trouble. This means anything from rain, heat, to cold nights. We wanted to discuss months and areas that these inclement weather patterns may occur locally. 


We suggest looking to book your wedding in SoCal between April and October. November through March is considered to be our winter and during winter you can expect rain to occur at spontaneous times. With that being said we have had hot summer weather through November and random rain in July.


You guessed it, summer is hot! Expect it to get a little toastier between end of June through September. July and August are usually our hottest months. During the summer we suggest coastal weddings to enjoy the sea breeze, or the closer to the coast you are the better. Staying away from Palm Springs or inland locations will reduce the chance of a 99 degree plus day. Try places like Rancho Palos Verdes, Laguna Beach, Newport Beach, La Jolla, or really anywhere up and down the coastline. 


Anywhere during the winter months can get a little chilly, and more cold during the evening. The areas that get the coldest at night are coastal and inland areas. Think of it this way the closer to the water or the closer to the desert you are, the colder it will be at night. We suggest having an outdoor ceremony and at least your reception inside during these months. Palm Springs can get chilly at night but is quite the popular destination in colder months and is so beautiful! 

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