Wedding Vendor Tipping Tips

Pic for attention haha Photographer: Kevin Dinh Photography

Pic for attention haha
Photographer: Kevin Dinh Photography

Awhile ago I wrote an article regarding standard tipping procedures for thanking your vendors. I have recently been asked about tipping quite a few times and it made me realize my original content about this is officially "old". SO it is time to refresh this topic in the form of a new blog post! 

Here is a compilation of who to tip and how much, please note ALL TIPS ARE ULTIMATELY UP TO YOUR DISCRETION:

Tip Expected:

Banquet Staff
This category consists of anyone from the Banquet Manager, Banquet Captain, servers, etc. Think of it this way, if you were going out to eat, you would tip your server wouldn’t you? A service charge is typically NOT a tip. Expect to tip 15% - 20% of the overall food costs. You can delegate this tip envelope to the Banquet Captain or Venue Manager who will then distribute this to floor staff.

Hair & Makeup
Just like you would at your regular hair salon, tip your on-site stylists. Anything from 10% - 20% will suffice or whatever you are most comfortable with. 

You should tip whomever is conducting your ceremony. If it is at a place of worship, then a donation will suffice. If it is a family member or friend, then either a cash thank you or a gift should suffice.


Tip Not Necessarily Expected:

We used to have this specific vendor category in "Tip Expected" but recently moved it here for a very simple reason....most professional companies are actually included taxes + tip in their overall price. So check with your company cause you may already be compensating your driver. If it is not included then we would suggest considering tipping your driver whatever you feel comfortable with...15% - 20% of the total bill could be a good numbers to base off of.

Wedding Planner
If you feel your planner has done an incredible job then we suggest a gift of appreciation or small cash tip goes a long way. However, the BEST tip you can EVER give your planner is images of your special day to use online (with your photographers permission of course) and a sweet 5 star review for their site. ;)

Regardless if you have a band or Dj, totally your call! If you do decide to tip, feel free to hand each member of the band anything from $20-$25, and a Dj $100 at the end of the night.

Tips are not really expected from either of these vendors. If you do feel it is necessary to tip $100-$200 is fairly standard, or even a little gift/thank you to them can really show your appreciation. Similar concept to our "best tip planner advice" - use their photos/video EVERYWHERE and CREDIT THEM, plus a 5 star review never hurts ;)

This one is also kind of a given. Usually your guests will (or at least should) tip them all night themselves. If you are hosting your bar, sometimes guests do not necessarily bring cash or think to tip. We suggest then including them in your "Banquet Staff" tips.

Most florists will not expect a tip from you. If you do decide to show them some love then we recommend mailing a thank you and purchasing a thoughtful gift. 


Tip Not Necessarily Expected BUT We Encourage You to Consider

Rental Delivery Crew
Probably one of the most overlooked team to be tipped but we encourage you to consider it. Think about it, these guys are hauling and moving heavy stuff all day to ensure you have a beautiful day! If you hired movers to move your house hold items, you would probably tip them when the job is done right? Same concept.

Small Musical Piece (duet, trio, etc) 
I really think this is more of a preference and should almost fall into the "not expected" category but putting it here because these individuals come for a small amount of time with a boutique style service. More analogies...think about are at a bar and there is a pianist may or may not see a tip jar out. See where I am going with this?

Cake Delivery Person
Horrible analogy, so my apologies in advance, if you ordered take out, would you tip the delivery person? Of course! 


Once again, this is all completely up to you, it is YOUR wedding. Some other vendors may also have their own opinions when it comes to tipping. However, this is what we feel is a solid foundation for those who may need a little direction. We would love to answer any of your tipping questions! Contact us today for a complimentary consultation, so we can learn about all the details of your big day!