Help Your Planner Help You

Photographer: Cyd Weeks Photography 

Photographer: Cyd Weeks Photography 


You’ve met with a few pros, made your decision, and are knees-deep in planning with
your new sidekick: how do you keep your head above water and convey your vision? Check out
these simple ideas for helping your planner create your ideal wedding.

The number one thing you can do to make sure you and your planner are on the same
page is COMMUNICATE. It’s so important to tell your wedding pro what progress you’ve made,
what you need help with, or what you’re not sure about. Hand in hand with communication
comes honesty: it doesn’t help either of us if you don’t speak up about what you like and dislike.
We're here to help you! If you open up and give us your honest opinion, I will make it that much easier for us to provide suggestions and help with decisions.

Another small thing you can do is get organized from the start, and keep it that way. This
can do wonders for yourself AND for your planner. Starting early with an outline of your guest
list, food options, or list of decor wants will help to keep you on track and in communication with
your planner. Even something as small as making a list of questions for your next meeting can
provide relief for you and for us! Maintaining your lists throughout the planning process can save
you time in the long run and keep you from scrambling at the last minute trying to figure out how
many invitations you need to order or which table your future Mother-In-Law wants to sit at.
Last but not least, on the day of your wedding, leave the rest to us! Enjoy your day knowing you are in good hands and we will make sure everything is is in the name, after all! Perfecting your dream day!