Bye Bye Event Inclement Weather

Photographer: Full Spectrum Photography

Photographer: Full Spectrum Photography

Spring is officially here and as warmer weather slowly approaches, it’s time to consider the climate of your wedding venue. Living here in Southern California, we know how fickle the weather can get (it was literally overcast two days ago and now it’s beach weather!) and with that comes the responsibility of making sure your guests are comfortable and you are prepared for anything. No matter your location, check those weather apps and take a look at some of the below tips to make sure you have an inclement weather plan for your outdoor wedding or reception.

Sun and heat – With most of us hoping for sunny weather on our wedding day, especially for an outside ceremony, it’s easy to forget that unrelenting heat can make your guests just as uncomfortable as standing in the rain. An easy way to combat this is by providing shaded areas for your guests to sit during your ceremony as well as some sort of cover for an outdoor reception, like an open tent or cabana. It can get hot very quickly when you’re sitting or standing outside for any amount of time, so small things like greeting your guests with water or iced tea to enjoy while they wait is a great way to keep them cool. Don’t forget about your DJ and/or live musicians! Most musicians require shade for outdoor venues (no one likes to touch a burning hot instrument) so don’t forget to check with your venue and see If they are able to provide umbrellas for your outdoor vendors. In the case of any of these shaded precautions, there are many options for umbrella and tent rentals, so don’t panic if your venue doesn’t offer these items in-house.

Rain – If you weren’t planning on rain and suddenly you’re seeing showers in your forecast, it is imperative that you find out your venue’s inclement weather plan and arrange to have a tent or covering as backup. Some venues have indoor spaces that an outdoor wedding can be moved into in the event of rain, or sometimes even an emergency tent in their back room, but you definitely can’t bank on this. You’ll need to contact a rental company that has tents or coverings and those don’t always come cheap, especially last minute. I can’t repeat this enough: if the weather forecast is telling you it might rain, it’s always better to be prepared and have a backup plan! 

Wind – While there’s not a whole lot you can do about the wind, one detail that could greatly suffer is your paper goods. Make sure to have a holder or weight for paper escort cards and programs. An easy way to protect signs or menus is with frames, which you can get so cheap from any craft or home goods store. Frames also elevate the look of anything you put in them, so it’s a win-win! If you’re worried about your hair or veil during your ceremony, have your stylist secure your hair with extra bobby pins and hair spray. You can even purchase veil weights that hold your veil in place and look cute to boot. Don’t forget about your bridal party as well!

Cold – It’s time to break out the blankets and heaters. Most outdoor venues have standing heaters in their stock available to add to your package, so if you are worried about the cold, consider having heaters spaced throughout your ceremony and reception. Blankets are also a cute touch that can bring in your wedding colors or theme, and make great favors for guests to take home at the end of the day. There are also so many ways to incorporate cover ups into your bridal look, especially for fall or winter weddings. A faux fur coat or shawl, flannel shirt, or even a leather jacket will keep you warm and stylish and give you an opportunity to have an extra pop of personality for you and your bridal party.

Now that you’re prepared for anything Mother Nature may throw at you, get out there and wow your family and friends with your foresight to protect them from the elements. Good luck and happy planning!