Pops of Personality in Your Wedding

Photographer: Vin Le Photography

Photographer: Vin Le Photography

One of my favorite parts of wedding planning is finding out more about my couples and discovering those small things that make them special. Showing off your different sides by incorporating your personality into your wedding is a great way to include your guests and allow both of you to shine. Even if you are planning a more traditional wedding, you can showcase your personality in subtle ways that can be incorporated to give a group of people of any size some insight into your relationship. No matter what your décor or budget, the below ways are great for adding flair to your wedding and leaving your guests with a lasting impression of what makes the two of you special. 

Guest books are a tried and true method of recording the names and small messages from your guests, but there are so many mediums beyond your traditional guest book. Try mixing things up by using an engagement photo album, framed photo, or custom piece of art to display in your home after the big day is over. Another fun idea I’ve seen is giving your guests a platform to write down date ideas or a message for the couple on their anniversary, be it through a keepsake box, message in a bottle, or yearbook style. 

Next up on the list of incorporating your personality into your wedding is escort cards and table numbers. This is one of my favorite ways to get creative, since it allows you to play with materials and design. For example, if you’re hosting a beachside wedding, try using starfish, shells, or sea-glass for your escort cards – they make a great keepsake for your guests and tie in your décor in a subtle way. Want to throw in some pop culture? Branch out from the traditional table numbers by using movie titles, TV show names, or even song lyrics as your table markers. You can even incorporate a love of travel by using the names of different states or countries you’ve been together as your table markers. You can also jazz up a seating chart in the same way by adding elements of your décor such as florals or patterns, or using a unique system to show your guests where they will be sitting. 


Photographer: Vin Le Photography

Accessories are another easy way to add flair to your wedding, and they’re not just for the ladies. Brides and bridesmaids can show their personality with statement jewelry or custom shoes, not to mention hair and makeup. Even the gents can get in on the fun with patterned socks and ties, custom cufflinks, or matching pocket squares. It’s a great way to incorporate your theme, if you have one, or just add fun elements that you don’t have a place for in your décor. Not to mention, showcasing accessories also makes for great photo ops.

Last but not least, let’s talk drinks. A signature cocktail is a great way to give both of you a platform to showcase your taste and let your guests learn a little bit more about you. Even if you don’t drink, a fun mocktail you love does the trick as well and shows off your personality. Drink choices are such a personal thing, and by sharing this with your guests you can each show your individual tastes or that you agree on this particular point and love the same drink. 

I’m always learning more about ways to showcase the individuality of my couples and love incorporating these fun details into every wedding I plan. These pops of personality let your guests in on what makes your relationship unique and they are bound to appreciate seeing your quirks. Whether you’re full out hosting a themed wedding or adding small details into your ceremony and reception, have fun with it and I know your guests will too.