Sugar, Sugar: All Things Dessert

Photographer: Michelle Flores Photography

Photographer: Michelle Flores Photography

Let them eat cake! Okay, maybe Marie Antionette didn’t actually say that, but the good news is, you don’t have to say it either. While cake is viewed as the tried and true wedding dessert, my couples are really branching out in their choices and trying new things to serve to their guests. So, whether you’re looking for an update on a traditional cake or want to try something completely different, look no further.

Traditionally, “wedding cake” was white or almond layer cake with vanilla frosting and lots of frills and piping. Sound boring? Don’t worry, because wedding bakers have expanded their repertoire and come up with flavors you probably haven’t even heard of before. While you can stick to the standard chocolate or vanilla, lots of people are choosing more adventurous flavors like red velvet (another classic, but more out of the box for a wedding cake), cookies and cream, peanut butter, dragonfruit, or even Earl Gray. And that’s just the cake flavor. You can go even further with different frosting flavors, fillings, and drizzles. 

If you don’t like cake or just want to serve something more modern, the possibilities are nearly endless. Some tried and true favorites include donuts, cupcakes, cookies and milk, s’mores, cake pops, and pie. If you have a favorite pastry or dessert, your guests will love it if you share that with them and include it in your reception. Can’t decide on just one? Try picking mini versions of a few of your favorites and combine them for a dessert bar to die for.

Another fun idea for switching it up with your dessert choice is picking something that reflects your culture, or if you’re having a destination wedding, the locale of the country you get married in. Flan, Baklava, Kugel, and Crème Brulee are a few out of the box options that are not only delicious, but beautiful as well.

You definitely aren’t limited when it comes to presentation, either. With cake, you can pretty much customize your decorations to anything in your wildest imagination (but do remember, the more elaborate, the higher the cost!). You can personalize almost every element, including your topper, stand, and embellishments like candy, ribbon, flowers, and beyond. And those are just the basics. Consider your wedding colors as you work with your baker to design your dessert, as well as any pops of fun you may want to include to bring in your theme. If you’re doing a dessert bar with a non-traditional option, you can play with different ways in displaying your treats such as tiers, pegs, or boxes. Small touches of décor on your dessert table such as florals or even a textured linen is a great way to make your dessert really stand out as well. Branching out with your dessert choice is a great way to personalize your wedding and present your guests with something new they’ve never seen before, both in taste and presentation. Instead of saying “let them eat cake” you can now say “let them eat donuts, eclairs, and pie!”.