Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Wedding Planner

Photographer:  Jennifer Fujikawa

Photographer: Jennifer Fujikawa

Planning your own wedding is a full-time job. Seriously, I plan weddings professionally, so I know how much it takes to get everything done. It is the rare individual that can devote all the time needed to plan their own wedding and it can be easy to get stuck or feel overwhelmed by the process. That’s where a planner comes in. A lot of people immediately think that hiring a planner isn’t necessary or costs too much money, but in the end, it is 100% worth it. And I’m not just saying that because I’m biased! The list of reasons to hire a wedding planner could span the length of a full-blown novel, so let’s get down to it and take a look at the top 5 reasons for hiring a wedding planner.

  1. You will save money.  Budgeting is one of the biggest things wedding planners are versed in, and the money talk doesn’t stop there. Not only can your planner help you set AND stick to your budget, they also know the ins and outs of what it takes to throw a wedding and can always find places to cut your costs. There is also a very good chance you will get vendor perks (this definitely isn’t a guarantee, but it’s great when it does happen!). Vendors rely on planners for repeat business and oftentimes offer incentives for couples booking through a trusted planner. So yes, you may be spending money on hiring a planner, but in the long run, you will definitely save some money. 

  2. You will have a wedding sidekick to answer all your questions. Your wedding planner will be your go-to gal or guy for any and all wedding questions or concerns you may have. Even down to the smallest things like how many invitations to buy or how far out you should plan the rehearsal dinner, we have seen it all and will always have an answer. Not to mention, we love to talk weddings, so if you need help choosing colors or are just excited about buying your wedding dress, we’re ready to chat it up! 

  3. You will be able to fully enjoy your wedding day. On the day of your wedding, you won’t be the point person. Period. You planner will set the timeline of your day down to every minute and make sure you stick to your schedule. They will also handle everything from the setup and execution of your wedding to making sure everything is cleaned up at the end of the day. And while your planner can’t always keep your lost aunt and uncle from texting you when they can’t find parking, they will be on site all day to handle anything that may arise and keep you and your new spouse care-free and focused on the most important part: getting married!

  4. You won’t need to worry about coordinating logistics with vendors. Coordinating with vendors is a behind the scenes aspect of my job that a lot of my couples don’t even realize I do. From the second you book your vendors, your wedding planner is in contact with them ironing out all the logistics. Your planner will handle aspects such as confirming liability insurance, getting them any materials they need for set up, and coordinating between vendors and the venue, if necessary. You won’t need to worry about something like what time the DJ is supposed to arrive or where the cake is getting set up; chances are, by the time you’ve thought of the question, your planner already answered it a week prior.

  5. Your wedding vision will be prioritized at every step of the way. Your planner’s number one priority is to make sure you have the wedding day you’ve always dreamed of. Your vision, or how you want your wedding day to feel, is the first thing I talk to prospective clients about and something I make sure is consistent all the way to the end. Delivering the perfect day to a bride and groom is the essence of being a wedding planner and that all starts with vision. 

Photographer:  Vin Le Photography

Photographer: Vin Le Photography

You definitely won’t regret hiring a wedding planner and will end up saving time, money, and possibly even your sanity. A planner will make the hectic job of planning your wedding that much easier, and who knows, you may make a lifelong friend along the way!