Sparks Fly on 4th of July


The 4th of July is right around the corner and if you are getting married over the holiday weekend, I’m sure you’ve thought about fireworks. They are the perfect way to incorporate America’s favorite holiday into your big day while simultaneously keeping things classy. Check out three ways to sparkle this holiday season by having an epic 4th of July wedding send-off.

  1. Sparklers - a classic for anyone looking to add some drama to their grand exit. Do make sure that your property allows sparklers (a lot of them in Southern California don’t), and double check when purchasing that you order the 36-inch size. Anything smaller will burn out much too fast and be too close to your head when walking under them.

Photographer: Marc and Anna

Photographer: Marc and Anna

2. Cold sparklers - much less flammable than their pyro brethren, cold sparklers don’t use fire to ignite and can even be used indoors. These are a great option if your venue is indoors or if you’d like to pursue something a little safer and easier to control. This is not a hand held option and more of a ground rocket like function. Best for grand entrances or first dances!

3. Fireworks - If you have the means and want to be extra, DO IT! There is nothing more exciting than an actual firework sendoff. Plus, this is the stuff actual fairy tales are made of, so if all the pieces come together and you are able to, you absolutely should exit to a firework show.


These three ways of incorporating 4th of July festivities into your holiday wedding are all great options for a grand exit. Whichever option you choose, give Uncle Sam a nod with some sparkles and, quite literally, go out with a bang. Happy 4th of July and happy planning!