Conquering Post Wedding Blues

Photographer: Full Spectrum Studio

Photographer: Full Spectrum Studio

There are a lot of aspects of planning and executing a wedding that couples aren’t prepared for. From handling family and choosing vendors to even the smallest things like picking linen colors, you may have quite a few curve balls thrown at you throughout the wedding planning process. But what a lot of couples don’t realize, be it from reading wedding blogs or talking to their married friends, is that the curve balls don’t always end once your wedding is over. Enter: post-wedding blues. 


Post-wedding blues are a real phenomenon that has been the center of quite a few psychological studies and polls among married couples. It’s a feeling of being lost or saddened once your wedding is over, much like the aftermath of a big party or holiday. Now, this doesn’t mean you had a bad wedding, in fact it’s the opposite. Your wedding was so EPIC and such an amazing celebration that it can just be tough to go from such a major event with all your friends and family together to feeling like there is nothing else as big on the horizon. Quite a few of my couples have reached out to me after their weddings are over to express that they feel like they should still be emailing me or planning things, and that’s totally normal! Getting married is a huge milestone in your life and it’s completely understandable that once the big event is over, you may not be sure where to go next.


First and foremost, recognize that you’re feeling sad, and give yourself permission to feel that way. It can be so hard going from planning this huge event in your life to what may feel like nothing as epic afterwards. But, without trying to put a bow on it, there are definitely ways to make yourself feel better in the post-wedding comedown and ease back into “normal” life once your wedding day is over. I know, easier said than done, but trust me, once you get used to filling that wedding planning void with other things, you’ll get into a natural rhythm. In the weeks and months after your wedding, set some time to reminisce and revisit the good memories. Get together with family and friends, even in small increments, set time to look over your wedding photos or videos with your new spouse, and plan a date night to put away all your gifts or re-arrange your new home together. 

Another way to get back into the swing of normal life is by taking care of yourself. A lot of couples spend time before the wedding exercising, getting their hair done, and other self-care things like that, and there’s no reason that should stop after the wedding! While we all might not be able to hit up the nail salon every two weeks, carve out a little more “me-time” here and there to take care of yourself. Don’t be afraid to talk about your post-wedding blues with your spouse, either! Chances are, they may be feeling the same way, and even if they aren’t, they will definitely want to be there for you to talk things over and figure out a way to feel better together. So, in your post-wedding life, make sure to take care of yourself, be honest with the feelings you’re experiencing, and set aside time for friends and family. You’ll be out of the slump in no time!