Starting a business is never an easy task. You want it to be successful right from the get go and are impatient when it comes to finding your ideal client while also turning a profit. I remember when I first started my company, I knew it was not going to be easy. I was a fresh transplant from the East Coast and literally didn't know more than 5 people in all of Southern California. With having to start over fresh I was desperate to find a mentor whom I could look up to and guide me. I was turned down or ignored not once, not twice, but twelve times. Finding a mentor was next to impossible. Who wanted to help the new kid on the block anyway?

I knew from that point on that I would want to assist others who dealt with the same struggle. 

Fast forward just two young years into my business. My company has an office, raised our starting price by 18%, on top venue lists like Terranea Resort, and is constantly still growing. Combined with 8 previous years of event industry knowledge, it is now my time to share what I have learned! Not just industry standards but how to grow a business from ground zero. 

Each of my mentorship sessions are 1-hour long and focused on your individual needs. Such as; online brand awareness, sales process, setting up your event day for success, how to manage difficult situations, etc. I want to help you learn, build, and sustain your wedding and event business. 


Choose your own dates for your one-on-one mentorship, based on availability. 
These mentorships are held in our office located on Red Hill Ave in Costa Mesa.


Mentee Testimonials 

"I have always admired Ilana and the way she ran her business. I did not realize when I started my business that being a good wedding planner is not good enough to be a business owner. Ilana had me write down my process and we combed through all the details and she gave me an actionable task that would help me along each process. She really helped me with my sales pitch and how to help clients realize why they needed my services. I was able to use her suggestions and have booked 3 clients since speaking with her. " - Mikala of A Golden Affair

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