Not only do we team up with some of the best vendors in the industry, but we also have quite the team of our own!

A team created of animal lovers, shoppers, graduates, and most importantly BIG hearts! The Perfect The Event team offers stellar service and fun personalities. Some of us are even bilingual! 

Get to know some of our team members below, or read more about our founder on our home page! We can't wait to meet you!


Lead Assistant 


Julia is no stranger to the hospitality world! She has been in the hotel industry for years and has worked her way up from the front desk to the catering sales department. These positions have taught her how to handle situations under pressure, how to be creative, and how catering operations work. 

Not only does she know her way around an event, but Julia also has a huge heart! She enjoys seeing others happy, and loves being there for them! Designing with client items also seems to be one of her fortes! 

Fun Facts
Favorite Food: "Anything Mexican!"
Favorite Animal: "I am pretty much obsessed with all animals, but especially dogs!!"


Event Assistant 


Lighting up a room as soon as she walks in, Karen is the definition of personable. She is charming, witty, and absolutely adores meeting new people! This is why Karen excels in weddings as she truly enjoys seeing people come together having fun.

Karen is a graduate from California State University of Fullerton and planned events at her Titan Ambassador job with the University. Since graduation she accepted a position at Warner Brothers, being involved in their studio events!

Fun Facts
Favorite Food: "Chicken Tenders & Acai Bowls!"
Favorite Animal: "My favorite animal has to be my dog who is going to be 6 years old on Valentine's Day!" 


Event Assistant 


Born and raised in Southern California, Laura absolutely loves what our amazing state has to offer! Her motivation and professionalism has made her successful amongst the event world.

She is a team lead for operations and events at Tom Ferry and spends her weekends with us! We love having Laura a part of this team and we know you will too!

Fun Facts
Favorite Food: "CARBS! Any and all carbs!"
Favorite Animal: "I love Elephants!"


Event Assistant 


Originally from San Fransisco, Michelle used to manage weddings and events up North for a venue company. She understands all the logistics when it comes to planning an event! 

After moving to Southern California, Michelle decided to pursue her love for Disney and accepted a position with them. Her calm demeanor and knowledge of the industry truly makes her the perfect fit!

Fun Facts
Favorite Food: "I love Japanese food in all forms: sushi, shabu, udon, ramen, etc.!"
Favorite Animal: "Small and fluffy puppies!!"