A Helping Hand

Family and close friends will always want to help out on the big day! As wedding planners, we encourage your friends and family to simply enjoy themselves and not have to worry about anything. Your wedding planner should handle everything from setting up client items, checking with vendors, to making sure the day goes smoothly. We appreciate those who wish to help, but allowing a professional to oversee these things makes it a lot smoother. 

With that being said there is always that one person who doesn’t ask if they can help out, but they insist. So what do you do if you want your family and friends to enjoy themselves yet they wish to help no matter what? Here are some alternatives we came up with that will make them helpful, and yet still be there for you!

Keep Me Calm

The BIGGEST thing a friend or family member can do is simply hang out with you. Keeping the bride or groom calm up until ceremony start time, is the most helpful thing! Assigning them, or telling them, this is what I need you to help me with, will designate them a duty, while still being by your side.

Keep an Eye

Yes, your planner or even photographer usually does this for you, but assigning it to somebody will make them feel good. Having a friend or family member make sure you have “everything” before you head out of your suite is always helpful! Bouquet, garter, personal items, phone, etc. 

Keep the Party Going

Have a friend or close family member who loves to party? Then this is perfect for them! If the bride or groom are on the dance floor, there will always be people on it to keep them company. But when they leave, expect people to trickle away for a break. To keep the party going, we suggest designating a hype-man or woman to keep people on their feet! Having a friend who is outgoing and constantly on the floor, will keep the party alive even when you need a break.

We love seeing everyone happy, and having a good time! Contact us today for a complimentary consultation!