Immediate Family Etiquette

When it comes to immediate family at weddings there are a few ways to show them how important they are to you and your significant other. We wanted to share with you some of the standard procedures for family etiquette such as where they should be seated, and grand entrances. Every wedding is truly unique, and we are only suggesting the norm. 

Ceremony Seating

Make sure to always reserve the front row on both sides for your immediate family. This could be parents, siblings, grandparents, or whomever is very dear to you. If you need to reserve the first two rows, then we suggest doing so. However, parents, siblings, and/or grandparents should always be in the front row. 

Reception Seating

Regardless if you are having a Sweetheart or Head Table then traditionally your immediate family should sit at the tables closer to yours. This way they are considered your “court” or “VIP” guests, meaning they will be released first for buffet service, or served immediately after you. They can be the ones closest to you, or if you have your bridal party closest to you, then they should be right next to them.

Grand Entrances

Your parents and immediate family do not have to be a part of your grand entrance. However, if you have siblings in your bridal party, then they will be most likely introduced and your MC should announce them properly. If your parents and/or grandparents are not a part of the grand entrance then we suggest having your MC make acknowledgment of each of them at their tables. 

We love meeting the entire family! Contact us today to discuss wedding traditions, and see how we can be a help to your big day!