Pantone Color 2017: Greenery

The pantone color of the year has finally been announced! For 2017 it has been determined that “Greenery” is the color of the year!!! This makes our heart skip a beat because who doesn’t love luscious greens incorporated to their wedding day design?

You seriously cannot go wrong with using greenery as the main source of focal points for your big day. No matter the season, or location, there are so many styles and textures to choose from that you simply cannot go wrong! Just to prove it to you we are going to share some design examples using mostly greens to show you the power of them for all seasonal weddings.


Using pastels mixed with all forms of greenery can really make a statement on your big day! We love seeing all types of eucalyptus this time of year. Making even the most simplistic bridal bouquet look so whimsical! 

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You can get extremely creative and even transform your space into a tropical destination when you plan on having a summer wedding. We love seeing couples go outside the box for their big day, and having fun with their greenery. Try some Palm leaves or even Elephant ears to complete your look!

Photo Credit: Mink Photography

Floral Design: Three Petals


Even though fall is a season where leaves typically start to change color, we still say go for the green! By using the right textures and a bold leaf, you can really still give that romantic, cozy, fall feel!

Photo Credit: Mink Photography

Floral Design: Peonies & Petals


Yes, we all know that there are usually no leaves left on the trees in Winter. However, you can easily incorporate more muted greens to incorporate that “chilly” winter look, or simply tie in some pine. 

Photo Credit: Brooke Schultz Photography

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