The Winning Combo: DJ + Band

Entertainment is a huge factor in your wedding day and can absolutely make or break it. We have a lot of couples that consider having a Band or a DJ, and are question is, why not both? We truly believe hiring a DJ when you are hiring a Band is not only a showstopper, but can truly be beneficial to the overall flow of the evening. 

The average band booking will consist of a 4 hour play increment. The average wedding with ceremony and reception on-site is 6 hours. For the most part you do not need all 5 or 7 members there for your ceremony and cocktail hour. So the option of just hiring a few members for these times might be beneficial. However, if a DJ is hired for the duration of the event, they can easily do your ceremony, and cocktail hour as well.

During the standard 4 hour play time, you must take into consideration that the band will need to take breaks. During these breaks some bands have preselected music they can play for your guests, or your DJ can easily jump on the 1’s and 2’s to keep the party going. 

The other weighing factor is not all bands provide a MC. This is crucial to the wedding day as announcements will be made throughout the evening. If you a hire a DJ with your band, then your potential problem is already solved as DJ’s typically act as your MC as well.

Now let’s flip the script! What if you want live music during your ceremony, but not at the reception? This is another way the band and DJ combination are likely used. Having live music at your ceremony and cocktail hour, and then a DJ to kick off the party!

Either way, we absolutely love seeing the band and DJ combo! You truly cannot lose the engagement of your guests with this winning strategy. A night of dancing, good vibes, and upbeat funk!