Centerpieces: Highs, Lows, Anything Goes

In honor of the month of May we wanted to dedicate our weekly blogs to floral design. We work with some incredible floral designers that make our couple’s and our very own visions come to life. With that being said our opinions on table top floral design always comes into play when planning each special day! 

Round Tables

If your reception is predominately round guest tables then we recommend doing tall centerpieces mixed in with some low centerpieces. Alternating centerpieces on each table will create a dynamic look to the overall space and look killer in photos! 

King’s Tables

King’s tables are the long banquet tables. Sometimes they are used for “VIP” guests or for the entire wedding if it is on the smaller side. Regardless, you can really do a lot with this type of table. You can do all low floral across, mix in some tall centerpieces with the low, or even do more of a tall design from beginning to end. This tall design would essentially be suspended from a structure, so that it looks like the floral design is floating over the table. This way guests can still see each other no matter where they are sitting.

Assisting in the design elements is one of our favorite things to do! Contact us today to see how we can make your vision come to life!