Different Ways for Designing Bouquets

Flowers have always been the most popular option when it comes to bouquet designs. We agree with flowers being number one; they are classic, stunning, and you can really create whatever you desire. However, for brides whom are looking for something just a little outside the box, we came up with some cool concepts for flower alternative bouquets. 


Know how to crochet or perhaps somebody you know does? You can easily crochet flowers and leaves to create a mock bouquet and maybe even add in some pins for flair. This style is perfect for an old vintage charm wedding.


Yes, you heard us right, veggies! Grab some cabbage (both green and purple), carrots, artichokes, whatever your heart desires! Arranging them properly is key with this option as it can truly come out stunning or look like a salad. Perfect for the nature loving couple, or even a shabby chic barn wedding.


Having a winter wonderland wedding? How about the perfect bouquet to match! Try assorting Christmas ornaments into the perfect cluster to create a bridal bouquet! Your guests will be wowed! Just be careful during the bouquet toss!


Why not forget the entire concept of a bouquet? Replace it with Parasols. Perfect for a hot summer day, and can fold them back up when standing at the alter.

Thinking outside the box is something we specialize in and we always enjoy a good challenge! Contact us to set up a consultation so we can discuss how to make your vision come to life!