Fur Children in the Wedding

There are plenty of newly engaged couples whom have four-legged children. Just like any individual who truly loves their furry companions, these couples want to try and incorporate their loves into the big day. They are part of the family after all!


We are sure you have witnessed this before. Tongue hanging out, tail wagging, and perhaps a little bowtie around their neck. Dogs can easily be incorporated into the big day by walking down the aisle. Sometimes they are even the ring bearer! 

Photo Booth Props

Maybe your non-human family member cannot walk down the aisle on a leash. Maybe they would be too nervous, or are a cat or bird. Try blowing up a picture of them and printing it out. You can easily attach this to a stick and create a fun, yet personal, photo booth prop. 


Showing off some pictures of your fur-kids throughout the reception area will set a reminder that they may not physically be there, but they are still very important to you. Perhaps on the guest book table, photos in the actual guest book, or a location that calls for a little extra decor. 

Cake Topper

Custom cake toppers are not only fun, but allow you to add your little loves. You can truly add anything to a custom topper.

As animal lovers, we love including your special family members into the big day! Contact us for a complimentary consultation and see how we can assist you in the wedding planning process!