Cool Ceremonies During Sunny Summer

Summer is in full swing and your big day is just a couple of weeks away. The sun is blazing and the forecast is predicting mid 90’s. Your ceremony may only be 30 minutes, but 30 minutes in full formal attire might make you cringe thinking about it. Making sure you and your guests stay cool and healthy during this time is crucial. 

Keeping your guests, bridal party, vendors, and yourselves hydrated is one of the best tips we can offer. Setting up a water station, and feel free to add other refreshing non-alcoholic beverages, is a wonderful welcome to all. You can add a welcome sign, or even ceremony programs, to the station. Individuals can help themselves and take them to their seats. Make sure that bottles of water are abundant for yourselves and bridal party before you walk down the aisle (your planner can help you with this). 

If you do not have enough shade for your outdoor ceremony, try creating some yourself. Whether that means renting some free standing umbrellas, or even incorporating parasols for your guests. If this may be a little too elaborate, a simple fan at each chair can be quite useful. Guests will feel very honored that you considered their well-being. 

Lastly we suggest leaving out some small items that you may not think of as necessary, but would be a nice gesture. These items include but are not limited to sunscreen and sunglasses. You can put these out with your water station, welcome baskets, or even personalize them. Protecting your guests is the least you can do, plus nobody wants pictures of a bunch of people squinting.

Hydration, shade, and protection are the keys to having a successful outdoor ceremony during the peak of summer. If you cannot supply some of these, do not worry. We promise that everything will work out. Contact us so we can go over the details of your special day, and see what may be best for your attendees!