Honeymoons For Your Pets

When it comes to the wedding day it may be a lot easier to make sure your fluffy family members are set for the day and night. However, the honeymoon is a completely different story. When you do not have somebody to take them in for the couple of days or weeks, then we suggest doing thorough research for a proper boarding facility. Luxury facilities are now considering themselves to be “pet resorts”. Why can't your companions enjoy a honeymoon of their own?! We wanted to share with you 2 locations that seem to be the cat’s meow! 

Paradise Ranch

Paradise Ranch is a pet resort location in Southern California. They practice “cage free” boarding, letting canines play and dine freely. A massive waterpark, comfy beds, and enjoying the sunshine makes this place a dog’s paradise. 

Luxe Pet Hotels

Located in lovely Las Vegas, Luxe Pet Hotels is exactly what you expect it to be, luxurious. Cats and Dogs are welcomed with designer sheets, glamorous entrees, and cabanas. You are off enjoying your glamorous honeymoon, so why can’t your four legged family members enjoy their time too?!

When it comes to each and every couple that books with us, they become our friends and family. We want to make sure that all of your family members are taken care of, and are set for even after the wedding night! Contact us for a meet and greet!