Alternatives to Wedding Cake Cutting

When it comes to the wedding world there are traditions that each couple seems to do on their wedding day. For example, the cutting of the cake. What happens if one of the soon to be newly weds does not like cake? Or what if the theme of the big day calls for something else? Here are some fun alternatives to cake cutting:


No, not the creamy dessert with a graham cracker crust. We mean actual CHEESE! Some couples are going with a nontraditional cake and creating a multi-tier design with different wheels of cheese. Plus getting to say you “cut the cheese” on your wedding day will make anyone chuckle. 

Glaze or Sprinkles

Donut bars are all the rage right now! Why not grab a donut from the top of your tower and cut it in half? You can equally share it with your love, and still have something to share!

Roasty & Toasty

S’mores anyone? This might not be the most cost effective choice (depending on your venue, location, etc.), but roasting marshmallows together is pretty cute! Guests can look on as you literally create a s’more together. Then open it up to everyone else to enjoy their own. 

Pour Some Sugar

We have not been fortunate enough to witness this option yet, but are waiting for the day that we do! Having a brunch wedding, or maybe you just love breakfast?! Why not create a waffle or pancake tower in lieu of the wedding cake. You can then pour a giant container of syrup over it together versus cutting into it. This could also be done with crepes, or an ice cream sundae. Pour a berry sauce or fudge over them instead if want more of a dessert. 

We love ideas that are outside the box! Showing off your personalities during your wedding only makes it more personal and fun for your guests! Contact us for a complimentary consultation, and how we can create some untraditional traditions together!