Breaking Wedding Bad Luck Superstitions

Traditionally when it comes to saying “I Do” couples sign their marriage license and officially become one on the big day with their officiant. However, more and more couples are starting to say these two special words prior to the big day! Some might not understand the concept of technically eloping before they walk down the aisle, but there are quite some benefits to doing so.

Couples whom are going away on a honeymoon immediately and internationally might want to consider doing this. That way you can have all of your paperwork done, name changed, and ready to hit the road (or air) as newly weds. It is less stressful getting it all out of the way first, and that way you are really able to enjoy your new life together!

Another tradition is that you do no see each other before the ceremony. Apparently this is bad luck for newly weds, however, we absolutely disagree and love first looks! First looks are when the couple have a moment together and see each other for the first time before the ceremony. Usually your photographer sets this up and finds the appropriate place to do so. By doing a first look you can get double the amount of photos as you will have way more time to capture them. 

We believe in traditions, but also believe in creating your own. Making the day truly yours is really all that matters. Your happiness is the ultimate goal! Contact us so we can chat and get to know each other better! We love hearing about your vision!