Hiring the Craftsman versus the Conglomerate

Wedding Planner Professional Vendor

I would like to start off by saying for those who enjoy one stop shopping please do not let this blog post dictate your preferences. However, I have had personal experiences that have lead me to believe that sometimes hiring companies for what they specialize in versus everything they might offer has benefited my clientele. Hiring somebody who is a “master of their craft” can really highlight those who drive their business from a passion. Those who are passionate will put their heart and soul into what they do, and ensure that everything is flawless.

There is nothing wrong with businesses offering multiple services, heck I love to multi-task myself! Plenty of business owners own other businesses, and so on and so forth! I would just like to stress the importance of quality in the services provided. 

If your potential photographer is also offering videography, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t hire them. Perhaps it just means to hire them for the service you enjoy most with them, and then hire another company for the other service. That way your vendors all have their own delegated duties to solely focus on, and provide that quality you paid for. With that being said if your DJ is offering lighting, that is a no brainer and go hand in hand.

Having multiple vendors for each service you need is not a headache. In fact it can make the day go smoother if you hired true professionals and ones who work well together! I absolutelylove matching the appropriate vendor team for your big day! Shoot me an email, and let’s start discussing how we can put an A-List team together for you!


XO Ilana