Key Questions To Ask Vendors When Hiring

By offering full service planning, we are heavily involved with booking vendors for our couples. When assisting in the booking process we want to make sure that each vendor is not only a fit budget wise, but also a good personality match. On top of these factors, making sure that each vendor is a professional and up to business standards. Here are some questions we recommend asking vendors you are booking on your own, that you might not necessarily think of:

  1. Do you have general liability insurance? If so, what are the amounts for General and Aggregate?  - Most venues will require minimums for each in order to work at their establishment 
  2. Is your fee inclusive, or are there any additional costs?
  3. (For Photographers & Videographers) Do you bring a second shooter, or an assistant? - There is actually a difference between a shooter and an assistant. Normally assistants are there to hold equipment, and help with duties. Shooters normally take footage, giving you maximum exposure. 
  4. How do you prepare yourself for my wedding prior to the day of? - The answer you are looking for here is what paperwork they put together to stay on top of things, and how they interact with you and your wedding planner
  5. (For Florists) Do you include a mock up of my centerpiece in your services provided? If not, what is the additional charge? - We highly recommend doing mock ups, every professional florist should 100% offer this

Don’t forget to ask your potential wedding vendor team fun questions too, ones that are more personal! Ask what their favorite genre of music is or food! Get to know them! They will be a part of a very special day after all!

Not sure how to start the whole vendor booking process while managing your budget? Let us guide you through the process and match you with the best of the best! Contact us today for a complimentary consultation!